about us

besties is a collective - Formally established March of 2021 but truly beginning late 2020. Our goal is to provide spaces for queers like us to socialise and make cool stuff.

We've been running git.gay, our Git forge (running Forgejo), since January 2022, using it to host the source code for our own projects, and opening it up to the public for others to use for theirs. We've made our own additions beyond what's built into Forgejo, including a static site host available for anyone at pages.gay.

We're actively working on new stuff all of the time. Our projects are all free and open source, and we'd love for others to contribute! 🥺🐱

main projects


teen bible study

hazycora she/her

about me

im cute

aria she/it

about me

weezer enjoyer, bad webdev

luna hamburger

childrens church

ultra they/them

about me

(probably) breathing right now

poneeee :3

Trixie she/they/pony

about me

silly pony doing silly things on her puter

besties - first unionised group chat trans flag piracy now acab